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A Good Model for our Math Expo

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    I am a college student .My club is planning an exhibition on the theme "Topology".
    Please suggest a main model for the same which is soul for topology.
    It would be better if it is a working interactive model (hands on) .
    Please give suggestion.

    If we couldn't get a good main model then we will have to change the theme to one with a good main model.Here are some other theme we come up with:
    1.Tilling and symmetry [Spidron]
    2.Graphs & Network [Bridge of konigsberg]
    3.Ancient Math

    Please suggest a theme with a good main model for our expo and some really good model for topology.
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    Hey girishpaiv and welcome to the forums.

    I'm not sure what you mean by exhibition and models. Do you mean physical things? Are you trying to pick a theme so you can give a presentation, or pick some challenges (i.e. math problems or discussions) for everyone to participate in?

    Following the graphs suggestion, you might want to think about the internet being a graph as a suggestion. In this instance, you can talk about anything from net neutrality (i.e. how the infrastructure of the internet affects the issue of keeping the internet neutral), to surveillence and spying, P2P, internet gaming, search engines, and so on.

    One benefit with doing something like this is that you can talk about a wide range of things that would appeal to a diverse audience (i.e. it doesn't have to a problem that only mathematicians or other scholars can relate to, but something everyone can relate to since everyone knows what google and facebook is and does).
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