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A Good Nuclear Physics Book

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    Hey, I am looking for a book related to physics, I need it to be relatively easy to read and comprehend as I do not have a vast amount of knowledge overall. I am very much interested in nuclear physics, and radioactivity, but I would like to see if there are any easy to read book on that topic as I am sure alot of them will be quite complex. I don't have that much knowledge on the subject either, I have learned the basics, like radioactive decay, half life, the three major emissions, and a few formulas. I would prefer an actual book instead of a textbook but either would be great.

    If there are any other relatively easy reading books I would be very interested. I know they may not be that common but I need to start somewhere, as all I have done in Physics is class work and some reading off the internet.

    Any guidance would be great thanks! :cool:
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    What is the difference between a "book" and a "textbook" ?

    I can recomend "Introductory to Nuclear Physics" by Krane, a bit old but will do the job to introduce many fields of nuclear physics to you.

    And as in any other field of modern physics, the more Quantum Mechanics you know, the more you can grasp from the diciplines of modern physics.
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    Thanks I will check it out.
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    Do so :)

    I can also say that "Nuclei and particles, introduction to the physical conceps" by Povh, is not so good to learn Nuclear Physics from, but has a good chapter about scattering (better than Krane's).

    Also the text "Introductory Nuclear physics" by Wong is also good, but more technical (mathematical) then Krane, and requires more Quantum Mechanics.

    Then finally you have "Nuclear Physics - principles & applications" , by Lilley. A quite good book, but I would choose Krane (this book is at the same level as krane, but does not cover as much material)

    Those where the introductory books that I have studied myself.

    I have also heard that these two books are good:

    "Fundamentals in Nuclear Physics: From Nuclear Structure to Cosmology" by Jean-Louis Basdevant


    "Nuclear Physics in a Nutshell" by Carlos A. Bertulani

    But I again stress that my best advice is Krane, it is a bargain ;)
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    Krane's book is an undergraduate textbook, which I have and must admit is very good. I'm not sure its exactly what you're looking for but I couldn't suggest an alternative.

    Amazon have a sneak peek of it.
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    I really just want to expand on the knwoledge that I have now. I think we have Krane's book in the Library as I am familiar with the front cover, I'll check it out. I recently watched an online lecture on Radioactivity and was very interested, I have grasped all those ideas from both a textbook I have and the internet. Unfortunately I can't find the lecture that the person gave after that. :cry:
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