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A good Prerequisite

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    Hello,I am in grade nine and wish to be a Nuclear Engineer. I wish to one day have a PhD in Nuclear Engineering. I plan to take either undergraduate Physics or undergraduate mathematics. I then plan to go to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology . But I don't know what is a good graduate program for a prerequisite to masters nuclear engineering? Would it be further mathematics or physics or nuclear technology.Please tell me what you recommend?
    PS:Please tell me a good university to take undergraduate math or physics. And a good university for a graduate course.
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    You may not like this answer, but focus on your high school for now!! You have so much time to figure out where you want to go for undergrad let alone graduate school. Don't start saying this early 'I'm going to go to X and major in Y.' Just enjoy school and keep your mind open for now.
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    Yes but If I take the wrong high school classes then I will have a difficult time getting into university and if i do not get into a good university. I will be forced to be a diamond driller for my brothers company.
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    I take it you're canadian from wanting to go to Ontario I.T? I don't know how high school works in Canada but in the US, if it is similar, you don't specialize in absolutely any capacity in high school. Just take advanced classes and do well in them. Do extracurriculars and just be a really good student. And, if you're school offers them, take chemistry, physics and foreign language courses.
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    just make sure you have a solid foundation of maths and physics, (and possibly chemistry if these two doesn't keep you busy enough).

    Also, out of curiosity, what do you know about PhD's? In my case when I read through the info in this forums, getting and having a PhD, were quite different to what I originally had in mind. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not the only one.
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    It means Doctor of Philosophy which in Greek it means "ruler of wisdom" i think.It is more prestigious than masters and allows for you to get further in your career and allows you to teach in the future.
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    But Can someone answer my question please?
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    You shouldn't be worrying about getting a PhD when you just started high school! When I was your age I thought that I would get a PhD in Mathematics and work in the Finance Industry. But now I'm a freshman in college and changing my major from Mathematics to Civil Engineering because I caught a glimpse of what real mathematics is like. Not to mention that it doesn't matter where you go for your undergraduate studies, do your best in high school and apply to the most affordable college for you; you will learn the same material as everyone else.

    A PhD in any subject requires a lot of motivation, especially Physics and Mathematics. You can't begin to imagine what real Mathematics is like until you reach your sophomore/junior year in college.

    TL;DR Focus on high school and when the time comes you will figure out what you want to do with your life.
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    I don't mean this offensively, but you basically have no idea what a PhD actually is. I know you want your question answered, so I'll leave that to someone else then, but you really aren't ready for that yet.
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    Basically, what you will want to do now is to take as many science classes as you can. Take mathematics, physics, chemistry and even biology. This will be the best path to a science/engineering degree.
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    I think I will take physics or math for undergraduate and follow that into graduate courses. I will go to a local university for it so laurentian university.
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    Huh?? You want to do nuclear engineering right?? Why don't you do nuclear engineering in undergrad?? Math will be useless for you and even physics won't prepare you for grad school.

    Furthermore, you're only in 9th grade. It's far too soon to already have decided on what to study in university. When I was in 9th grade I wanted to be a history teacher... (yes, really).
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