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A Great Big Thank You

  1. Feb 3, 2008 #1
    Thanks to all the people on Physics forums who have helped me over the course of my last two years as a high school student.
    I passed my IB with a score of 38
    equivalent to a New South Wales (Australia) University Admission Index (score) of 96.65

    I also passed in Physics/ Chemistry and with full marks in maths
    so now am i registered Undergrad this year

    thanks for ur help guys :)
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    Well done Aftermath! I hope you enjoy your university experience. :smile:
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    Congrats, but only 19 posts? I wish I was in your position I've still got a years hard work left =(, not that uni isn't hard work, but it would be nice to know I got the grades I want.
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    mayday u will do fine really :) just put ur head down and go for it
    the secret is to make everything fun and interesting
    if u like it, u will do better
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    Congrats, Aftermath.
    I know that I've never helped you myself, since I'm more of a 'hands-on makeshift engineering' sort of guy, but we at PF are always very proud when someone from the site is successful. Keep in mind, though, that while PF is a very valuable resource, you are the one who made it happen.
    Best hopes for the future of your chosen path.
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    haha now u get to hear my endless drivel on Aeronautical Engineering! watch out all you people in Aero!
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    Endless drivel on Aeronautical Engineering? From an undergrad? That sounds about right.:rofl:

    Congrats and welcome aboard. :tongue2:
  9. Feb 5, 2008 #8
    haha yeh. well it looks like fun i cant wait to get to the Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design. My ultimate course would be to transfer over in Aerospace engineering. Has anyone done that course?
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