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A guy I know always draws this shape/symbols on everything he does

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    A guy I know always draws this shape/symbols on everything he does, and I decided to search for what they mean, though most likely(Since the guy is... er... not mentally inclined), they mean nothing.

    Still, I'm curious, so, have any of you seen these three symbols?

    http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/5921/ss059sl8.jpg [Broken]

    I believe I've traced the top left to an old game, but I have to check.

    Could also just be meaningless, which is probably the case, so we'll see =P
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    The top two are signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius and Taurus. I don't know what the one at the bottom is.
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    There is something fishy about that Taurus symbol )-( :smile:
    Its actually Pisces.

    The bottom one looks like the sanskrit OM.

    Also the circle and triangle mean something as well.
    Don't know waht they mean togeter though.
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    The bottom is the Hindu mantra symbol for "ohm" and is the most sacred, so it is often treated as a symbol for Hinduism as a whole. Ohm refers to the great Brahman, who encompasses the whole universe.


    I don't know what that circle and triangle means, but my guess is the guy is one of the signs and is trying to write a love charm for someone of the other sign. He should just ask if she's into astrology. :tongue2:
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