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Homework Help: A hand on this one will be great i=1/L∫Vdt|| V=(6t+26)/(t^2+10t+21).

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    I hope anyone could give me a hand on this one...

    The induced emf in a 5-henry inductor varies as V=(6t+26)/(t^2+10t+21). Recalling that current i=1/L∫Vdt, find the formula for the current i as a function of time t.

    This is what I've gotten so far...

    ∫(6t+26)/(t^2+10t+21)=(6t+26)/(t+3)(t+7)=A/(t+3)+B(t+7)=2/(t+3)+4/(t+7) dt


    Well should I stop here since I've gotten only the variable t on the right side of the formula or should differentiate it since they are asking for the formula of currentas a function of time t? If so... is this correct?


    Thank you again guys...
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    You want i as a function of time, and that is what you have!

    There is no reason to differentiate it- remember that integration and differentation are "opposites" differentiating now would just return you to the function you integrated!

    (What happened to 1/L? Shouldn't that be in there?)
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    So the answer will be i=1/5(ln(t+3)^2+ln(t+7)^4+k...

    now about the 1/L this is the 1/5 (I had 5-henry inductor)...
    Is it right?
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