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A highschooler with a Question

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    Hi i'm a senior in highschool. I love math and science, and have always considered being an engineer. I have recently been side tracked by a foreign exchange student from Germany that has inspired me to travel the world and study languages and cultures. Is there a job out that deals with Engineering and learning different languages along the way? I know languages and culture and engineering are two seperate jobs, but if there is one out there that is similar to both. Thanks much
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    These days, they are intertwined. In many companys the ability to converse in foreign languages is a definite plus, especially with large multi-national companys. It really does depend on what you want to do. Many people do much better if they have some experience like you mention under their belt. If you can afford to put off college (time and money wise) and can afford to do the travel, it certainly would not hurt you.
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    Well working as an engineer in a country which speaks a different language is the obvious one!
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    As far as the cultural aspect goes, as opposed to just learning the language, I would suspect that Civil might be the best approach. More experience there with everyday life such as preferred architectural styles, ecological concerns, etc..
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