A hypothesis of the graviton

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hello all:

It is my belief that the graviton wave is the firmament of the universe, excited by other waves (which themselves dissipate into graviton waves of like frequencies over time) into higher frequencies thus smaller amplitutes which i believe is the attribute of the graviton wave.There can be no physical particle called a graviton because it's vibration would cause a further smaller wave and thus leave the question for a smaller particle. Suppose the graviton (or gravity) wave is proportional in frequency and amplitude to it's wavelength, the "pure wave" or "fundamental wave" (the description, "fundamental wave" derived from a college physics book describing sound waves written by Robert Carleton, copyright 1970, 5th edition) where the amplitude of the wave is exactly half the wavelength which produces a "drawing" effect similar to "tacking" which has been used by sailors for centuries(my interpretation of a "true" wave). The graviton wave is produced by vibrating objects, particles, or other waves, with the vibration of the object being directly proportional to the amplitude of the wave thus the frequency, wavelength. Given the size of the graviton wave, there could be millions of graviton waves of a certain amplitude acting on one electron in a particle or just a few thousand graviton waves acting on a galaxy in space.
All waves of a "pure" nature would be graviton waves but the defining feature would be the amplitude is half the wavelength. An electromagnetic wave "carries" a large amount of graviton waves with low amplitudes, thus high freqencies in it's wake. As the electromagnetic waves dissipate those much smaller graviton waves are released into space outside the electromagnetic wave. It is my theory that the reactions which occur in a particle accelerator are not a result of the electromagnetic waves but a concentration of the graviton waves carried by those electromagnetic waves which act upon particles in a sub-atomic field. The higher the electomagnetic frequency, the smaller graviton waves in a greater amount carried to the point of sub-atomic interruption, which coul be calculated by the law of probability.
i believe an evidence of the vastness of a graviton wave can be seen in our own galaxy confirming the "spiral" effect of the motion of our own milky way. these vast graviton waves i believed are produced by the effects of movements of the solar systems through space producing the reacting waves upon the firmament which is the graviton itself. one of the basic laws of science, "for every action there is a reaction" confirms the fact that the "vibrations" of all objects great or small produces waves whether seen or not so why not also on the sub atomic scale? these graviton waves of all sizes stretch the universe to and beyond infinity if there is such a thing continually "drawing' all matter as it is ever expanding (remember, every action has a reaction). if the solar systems produce or excite graviton (a particular type of wave with no evidence of matter only a slight amount of energy to distinguish existence which is concentrated at various locations of space whether sub-atomic or universal with small ones even holding the "photon" together and largest ones holding the universe together, only existing as a unique wavelength propotional to it's amplitude.) wave it would have to be proportionate to the "vibration" or "rotation" of that solar system.
we know the earth "wobbles" in space. that wobbling creates a wave in space (every action has a reaction) against and with graviton waves. the earth rotates around the sun producing a graviton wave proportionately larger than the "wobble" graviton wave. the earth is spinning as it is traveling through space producing another graviton wave of proportion acting for and against graviton waves it goes through in space.
according to einstien's law of conservation of matter, the graviton wave of itself would have to be the lowest form of energy in the universe and also at the atomic level. the sheer vastness of wavelenghths and thus amplitudes would make up total of the most energy in the universe.
suppose a black hole, if it does exist, is actually made of graviton waves of all wavelengths up to the size of the black hole. these gravitons condensed beyond measure acting upon each other would produce an immense energy of "drawing" all matter and even graviton waves to it. of course the matter would crush into the basic graviton waves it had "captured" when it was formed. eventually, somewhere in the course of eternity, the black hole would have to explode (every action has a reaction) releasing the gravitons back into the vastness of space as planets, stars, and maybe even galaxies if a black hole of that magnetude exists. how could it explode since it is gravity waves as i suggest? the smallest graviton waves would have to become compressed to the point of a syncrynous vibration rapidly syncronizing the larger graviton waves right up the ladder to a point of critical syncronization where the "vibration" would literally cause the black hole to explode. perhaps black holes are universes getting ready to form somewhere in eternity.
In conclusion, the smallest force in nature, the graviton, or graviton wave is actually the largest force in the universe because of sheer numbers, in variences of size and abundance.
sound too simple? ok, how about this. t=gw>0 where t is time, gw is graviton wave. e=mc squared
e=mass*186000/second squared
e= >0* 34596000000 miles /second
substitute gw for e
gw=>0*2192002560000000 inches/second
gw=>0*21920002560000000 inches/second=(size of photon)/gwf (gravity wave frequency)
this would be the graviton wave that holds the photon together since the second of the first would be divided by the frequency of the second councelling out time giving the amplitude also since the graviton is a "pure" wave.
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