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Homework Help: A hypothetical pressure question what if u covered the top of a container?

  1. Feb 17, 2005 #1
    Lets say u have something like this
    Code (Text):

    |      |  => A
    |------|  => B
    |      |
    |      |
    |      |
    |------|   => C (1m below the metal seperator)
    B => this is a strong metal seperator.. the water on top of this sits on this. the seperator is attached to the container..it does not float. it seperates the top from the bottom
    A => water that rests on the seperator
    C => what is the pressure here?

    is the pressure just pgh?? (ie, is P right underneath the seperator 0??) the entire container is filled with water
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    Andrew Mason

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    The pressure depends only on the height of water between C and B.

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    If I read this correctly, Andrew Mason is correct. The water above the metal separator is supported by the separator itself which is supported by the sides of the container. Since none of that is supported by the water below the separator, it is irrelevant to the pressure there. The pressure right under the separator is 0 (well, actually, it is the atmospheric pressure).
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    ...that is unless the volume below the sperator is sealed and the seperator does not deflect under the weight of the water above it.
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