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A jumble of questions realtive to chemistry

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    i just started an ap chemistry class (a year earlier than is generally allowed) therefore i am having some questions being of less background teaching.. this post my be followed by others of similar nature...and i hope some of you would like to help. (this is all on summerwork, and does not face any immediate attention needs, it may go on for more than a day)

    -how does one determine the type of hybridization used in covalent bonding (sp- sp^2...etc)

    -how would one predict electron configuration of an atom? (ex.Rb- [Ar]4s^2, 3d^10, 4p^6)

    -how to find/estimate (the change in)H(degrees)(subscript-f)

    -one i have just now come upon...how to use greek symbols, and subcripts/superscripts/degrees symbols...etc on these forums or the computer in general

    -how to predict the bond angles of ions/molecules

    -how to predict polarity

    also how to predict the physical structure of a molecule/ion (ex. i keep seeing t-shaped... planar square...trigonal planar etc.)
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    or perhaps this should be moved to college level bacause it is an ap class?... if anyone thinks i should start a second thread let me know, though these seem fairly basic questions, and i have a basic understandinng of a few
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    You need to read a text, no one's going to be able to explain all of this online.
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    well any one answer would be helpfull, and i have read the text, and have found many answers, just not these... what else is a homework help type forum for other than answering questions

    (in particular predictingn electron configuration/ and mabye polarity if you need to single a couple out)
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    keep in mind this is a few months worth of questions
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    If you have a specific question I'm sure you'll get more replies
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