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A Kelly Blue Book of Real Estate

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    Ivan Seeking

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    "Instant valuation and data for 60,000,000+ homes"
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    They have nothing in my zipcode, not surprising.
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    They got my house correct. I was amazed! :smile:
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    I think they have whatever homes are in their database. They have mine listed with data from the tax records, and the price is the assessed value, which is under the market value, and they have the wrong square footage. :rolleyes: So this stuff is just for reference.
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    good link thanks

    makes for a quick and eazy comp finder with the sat map

    it got my house value a little low
    does not add value for things like my big pool
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    The hell this house is worth $350,000. Maybe $250...

    And the house on the street south of us at the corner.. they say $900,000... I say $1.2 million probably. Hey my mothers a real estate agent, why not ask her and we'll see how this site compares.

    haha, "Construction quality: 8". I guess this scales out of 100
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