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A knot theory question

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    Hi, so I need to show that every link is two-equivalent to a trivial link with the same number of components. Right now I can show that if I have a simple link with linking number = 1, then it is possible to immediately separate the link into its two components. But how can I generalize this idea t links of n linking numbers? Any ideas?

    For those interested, this is 3.7 in Invariants of Knots, the Knot Book by Adams.
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    If it's not theory we can't help you. :tongue2:

    I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist the pun. I really should've because I don't know anything about knot theory and I can't actually help you. I hope someone does soon.
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    Haha :rolleyes:

    Actually I think I figured it out. You can show two-moves contain a certain other kind of move, which more clearly is able to separate components of a link.
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