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A lack of temperance?

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    I've recently become aware that those around me don't exercise as much temperance as I do. I'm a University student, and though I understand that there are parties and things of that nature, some take it too far. Whether it is too much alcohol or sex, there are many examples of this sort of 'ill-temperance'. Would you guys care to share how people around express this sort of ill-temperance?

    I'm curious as to how diverse the notion of temperance is in Western Society today.
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    The problem is not new. Newton was always at odds with his classmates at Cambridge 300 years ago for the very same reasons. The phenomenon is tied to the average age of college students.
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    I don't know about alcohol but "to much sex" is a very improbable thing for most math, physics ,engineering students.:grumpy:

    I mean "to little" is an understatement.
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