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Homework Help: A leaky 100 microfarad capacitor is charged to a potental difference

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    A leaky 100 microfarad capacitor is cahrged to a potental difference of 50V. IT leaks as though a Kilo ohm is connected across it.

    a) Find the initial discharge current.
    b) If a child can feel an electric shock when the voltage of a source is higherthan 20 V. after what time can the child touch the terminals of the capacitor, without feeling any electric shock.

    Please HElp Me
    very Urgent
    Thanks in advance
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    The current through a resistance can be found with Ohm's law: V = IR.

    The current is also the rate of passage of charge (I = dQ/dt), and the voltage on a capacitor is related to its charge by Q = CV. You can easily solve for the voltage on the capacitor at any time.

    - Warren
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