A lesson in vector mathematics

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Hey everyone, I eventually would like to write a textbook. I've started some work, and have about 100 pages total. There is a link here to one of the chapters in my book. It still needs to be edited of course, but I would like any opinions...Is it understandable, clear, and direct? If some of the figures the text did not display correctly. Typically I label my base points with ), the location of particles with P, and horizontal displacments are labeled with x, and vertical displacements are labeled with y. Here is the link


Thank you to all that responds!!!!

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I did a quick read through of it. I had a few things pop into mind (just my opinions):

1. The writing is a bit too "personal" for my tastes. The usage of terms like "I want to make side notes..." or "If I integrate..." If that was your aim, well then I guess you did well there.

2. You didn't really give a definition of what the 3 unit directions are at the very beginning. You just throw out e1, e2, e3 and eT. I'd take a paragraph and explain the orthagonal directions a bit.

3. You don't mention the direction cosines when talking about unit vectors.

4. I'd personally leave the section on units as a separate chapter. It confuses things a bit to be talking about the make up of a vector and operations and throw in units. One can learn how to operate with vectors and not have to worry about units just yet.

5. I honestly can't remember, but is it safe to assume that the reader knows about integration and differentiation at this level? I'm not sure there.

Again, these are just my opinions, so don't take them too seriously.

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