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A letter from Hey.LIke

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    In this time, there are a good many group to study time-space, it is overjoued with some anxiety as the region is very hard. Similarly, it is goldbach's conjecture[About its right visit the title goldbach's right in math forum here] , evenif it is simple enough, but more than ten thousands peoples lost it between hundreds years. Specialy in China many excellent mathmatist lost their life, it was grieved very. New century, what are our doing ? How do to best? They are still important with physics.
    1: Unknown and known well. It is 80% unknown in this world, to take this standpoint. If the strange is not enough, naturely, to adjust a right position. It is first things to first. Taking a strange land, don't lose the way to return. Know-how, tools, skill and so on ready well. A way will make doing easy in a strange region.
    2: To writer. Physics need good writings. To write is a busy work. Success to writer is with this society time. To make physics into this world, the writings is long with the society. To make physics in to the time, the writings is value with the time. To make physics into a fashion, the writings is good with it. Naturely, physics writings belong public. It isn't in physics only.
    3: To get some famous Laws. It is rich and comfortable work result in physics. It is in a time don't take all life. Specially expert is goodwill enough in physics works. It is easy to get some famous laws. Physics laws are very important in physics to development.
    4: To get money in physics. As some billions money spent in physics line every year. To get money is a line naturely. The market and capital good relations is in line. Some physics money resource to get that right way is important for right in money.
    5: To do business. As physics is important in society. Physics business is a new line in trade. Success to do physics business is a new time work. As business know-how should be secret. Here to follow the convention.
    6: For change one's profession to use physics. In talent, to change profession is success in physics. To use physics, it is similar to take a car by ticket. Hand a nature side, it is ease. another side, in interest or ideal, to work hard is nature. For another profession, to get some another degree is convenient, more is ease than one for another profession.
    Physics, it is ease in life success than economy. The hard first would take second position in coming. Physics is society, it is a gate to nature. It is one of life lines for humans. To change no mean nature into value resource, physics is a important subject. In future valued , physics been important task and way far away. ... .

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    Thanks for your letter :)
    You've pointed out some really good points! :)
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    Thank you moni

    Thank you moni !
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