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A Level Electricity Woes

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    Hi there, I am currently attempting to teach AS level electiricity but am finding it really hard understanding some of the aspects of it myself, let alone teach the kids it!

    They are really struggling with the concepts of voltage, current, resistance and charge, especially how they all link.

    Are there any analogies/explanations out there that I can use?
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    How about teaching Ohm's Law?
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    For me the most important thing is to 'de-construct' units
    Get it clear that 1 Amp means 1 coulomb per second
    And the most important of all !!!! That 1 Volt means 1 Joule per coulomb.
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    Thank you :) I have tried teaching Ohm's Law, unfortunately they find the fact that resistance of the circuit is different from the resistance of a component. They also lack the skill to be able to look at a question and select the appropriate equation, but I guess that that is a skill that comes with practice.
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    What is AS level?
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