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A level subjects

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    Hi, I'm currently studying under the UK curriculum and taking the GCSEs this school year. I am taking physics, chemistry,biology, economics, business studies. As I am applying for the A level subjects to be taken in sixth form, I have been considering maths, chemistry, physics, biology/ economics, I am really struggling as I am more of a science person , so biology should help but I have heard A level biology is pretty hard. Any advice? Also, I would want to know if A level Physics is manageable.
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    Not in the slightest. In fact, it's actually less intensive than the other natural sciences, namely Physics and Chemistry. If you like Biology, go for it.

    A Level Physics is also pretty easy - the mathematical concepts are kept to a minimum, so you should be able to glide through it effortlessly. IMO, the only subject in which you might have some difficulty in transitioning from GCSE to A Level would be Chemistry. I don't know anything about A Level Economics though.
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    Well, you'll have to choose between being a person who chooses subjects because they're easy, or whether they interest you.
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