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Courses A-Levels Options Decisions

  1. Nov 13, 2016 #1


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    Hello,I'm in Y11 And 5 Days away from deciding on my A-level Options...

    I would like to do medicine at Cambridge when i am older...

    I am academically v.strong...

    I was going to choose:

    5)Further mathematics

    Are these good options?

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    Larry Gopnik

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    That'll be a massive workload, I urge against it. If you're set on Medicine then I'd suggest to take either Further Maths or Physics but not both. I took five AS-Levels and found the workload to be extreme - there weren't enough hours in the day.
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    Did you do well at the end of day with AS levels(In terms of Grade)?
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    Does your school even allow you start 5 A-levels? I do know that some schools do (and then expect you to drop one or two), but I also know that some school (including the one my step son will go to) is pushing for no more than four A-levels (they used to recommend four, but according to them the system is apparently changing again so now three is the recommended number meaning you can't then drop a subject) .
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