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A light question

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    does lights speed relate to the suns rate of the gases burning. If yes then wouldn't that mean that stars in other
    galaxies could have light or time rate at that much faster or slower than compared to ours. Just because that how
    fast their sun is burning, and that's how fast their life is moving in time with their sun, light, energy. It would be
    different than ours, but still related, just if we travelled there there would be a transfer in our energy or a change.
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    The speed of light depends on fundamental physical properties of space/time.
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    That's an easilt tested propostion Mikelus and the answer is a definite no, if it were such it would of got significantly different rersults in other experiments and the fact that the speed of light is constnat underpins or is a result of many key theories strectching back over 100 years.
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    the speed of light is a constant throughout the universe.

    the speed at which the sun burns gases affects the intensity of the light that it emits, but it does not affect the speed at which the light travels.
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