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A light-whip possible?

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    Is a light-whip possible in Star Wars world?

    We see no light-sabers bending in the story but there is no opposite evidence that light can't bend.

    Wouldn't be cool a red light-whip in a darth's hand?
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    Vanadium 50

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    It's fiction. Anything is possible.
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    Come on, you can't make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsec!
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    A lightsaber that was adjustable into a lightpike might be more useful. If one could touch a control and momentarily triple it's length for example.
    On Star Wars Rebels Ezra's saber can also fire an energy pulse, so there's some versatility in the story there.
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    A light saber whip? Isn't that called lightning?
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    Broadly true but practically false. Good worldbuilding includes internal consistency, a question asking "is X possible in fictional world Y" relies on the rules established in that world. In this case the answer is "nothing to suggest it either way". Star Wars, being of the space fantasy genre, is quite fast and loose with its own rules and AFAIK there's no canon clarifying the limitations of a light saber (not that I'm a huge fan).
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    yes in short as if one is to read any of the books that follow the story after the fall of the empire(before Disney brought it) a alien species that i forgot the name of was fleeing from Chiss invasoin of their galaxy and came across the main star wars galaxy. their leader carried a light whip as she fought Luke and the new republic
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    in addition a dathamirian working for the Zann consortium who wield a light whip
    however about the colour both of these were yellow however probably changeable i do not know
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    Johnny Mnemonic features a light whip of some sort.
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