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A little biochem help before the final

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    I was wondering if someone could explain to me where all the ATP comes from from the complete oxidation of glucose. We said in class complete oxidation yields ~30ATP. I pretty much have where all the ATP comes from so far except my math is a little off.

    We said in class 2.5 ATP come from NADH when e- 's are transferred to O2.

    Thus in the TCA cycle I count 4 places where NADH is given off 4x2.5=10ATP
    multiply that by 2 since there are two copies of pyruvate after glycolysis for 1 glucose molecule so there are 20ATP.

    In another step in the TCA cycle 1 GTP is given off so 2x1GTP=2 NTPs.
    That gives 22 ATPs

    In another step in TCA cycle there is 1FADH given off, which we said in class yields 1.5 ATP, so 2x1.5=3 ATP

    so we have 25 ATP.

    4 NTPs from glycolysis

    so 29 ATPs. Finally there is 1 cytosolic NADH that is given off during glycolysis. In class we said cytosolic NADH yields 1.5 ATP. So 2x1NADH=2NADHx1.5=3ATP

    For a grandtotal of

    32ATP. In the handout notes my prof. gave us he said there should be 30 ATP, where did I go wrong?
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    Did you take into account that during glycolysis ATPs are used. 30 might be the net yield of ATP.

    However, I remember that maximun net yield was 38 but your prof my give you the number in term of efficiency rather than theoritical.
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    Ah yes that was it. Thanks for catching it. Such an easy mistake.
  5. Jun 14, 2009 #4
    uh what maybe if you stopped the abriviations we could help you out?
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    Well, if you don't know what those abbreviations stand for, then you're not going to be able to help him anyways. :wink:
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    it looks like simple multiplication and addition with silly abbriviations is this what biochem is? lol
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    1. If you don't know what ATP, TCA etc stand for, I don't think you're going to be very much help.

    2. This thread is over four years old, I'm sure he has finished this class by now!
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    i think from bio 12 i remember atp is adenosinetriphosphate or something i dunno what TCA is or FAGH or NADS lol what kind of course is this? i'm glad i stuck with mathematics
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    They're all relatively basic abbreviations that most bio students learn in their first year, and yes, biochemistry basically consists of memorizing mundane chemical pathways and cycles, and knowing the abbreviations of the constituents.

    Good thing I only decided to minor in bio :D
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    Thread locked. Luongo necroposted.
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