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A little confusion

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    I am doing Computer system engineering.. i am basically hardware engineer or a software engineer?? mean what is the major of comp sys engr?? hardware or software??
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    As a computer engineer you will deal with both hardware and software. On the hardware side you will be presented with basic electrical concepts like analog and digital. You will probably have more courses in digital electronics( DSPs, FPGAs, ASICs, COmputer Architecture etc.) in your junior and senior courses. On the software side apart from a few high level languages(C,C++, JAVA) and low level prorgramming( x86 assembly), you will have to learn some theoretical CS like algorithms, decidability and tractability etc. In Junior and Senior years on the software side you will probably have some projects in your areas of interest like networking or error correction. On the othe hardware side you might have projects involving FPGAs( eg. software radio).


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