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A little graph help please?

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    Okay, so my question is: given the picture below, how can I find the area below the graph (in the shaded region) ? It's for a lab that I did in class, but it wasn't until i finished the whole picture that i realized that I didn't know how to calculate the area of this graph.


    http://unityofthedragons.org/oker.jpg [Broken]
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    HINT: Think trapezoids! :)
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    If an estimate is good enough, just notice that each square represents 0.16*1 Nm = 0.16 Joules. Then just add up the squares and estimate for the non-complete squares.
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    at this point, i really need a definite answer ASAP, perhaps u can teach me how to use a calculator?
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    Perhaps I am reading this wrong!

    You have been given some very sound advise in this thread already. Why don't you show us some effort on your part.
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