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Homework Help: A little help how to set up

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    A jet plane is flying horizontally with a speed of 500 over a hill that slopes upward with a 3.00% grade (i.e., the "rise" is 3.00% of the "run").

    Hi, i don't understand the part about 3.00% grade. Could someone please help me how to set up, Is that the slope or something?
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    Percent grade is a way of expressing slope. If the rise is 3% of the run, what is the slope?

    PS: don't forget to include all the units when you post a question; 500 what?
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    ah, it's 500 m/s
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    Now, what was the question?
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    it's asked for
    What is the component of the plane's velocity perpendicular to the ground?
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