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A little help: Light & Optics Research paper

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    I need help. Heres what we have to do:

    1. Draw a diagram that shows light into the eye
    1A) Path of light rays into telescope (Specifically in my case a reflecting telescope)

    Light travels in ________ lines. (Straight I know)
    This is why the image is _________. (Inverted?)
    You drew a diagram that showe dthe light from Point A of lighted object that travels in ________ line through the object to Point A-1. (Straight again?)
    This is why the image is _______. (Inverted again?)

    Now I need 3 sources (websites) for information of light optics and telescopes.
    Im not asking for someone to do my homework for me (unless they would like to :p ;) ) but point me in the right direction and help me find those 2 drawings. I searched google for info, but they came up with science books and subscription sites.....
    Also if someone could check those questions for me.

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    www.howstuffworks.com[/url] or [url]www.msn.com[/URL] search encarta and then once in encarta search your telescope
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