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Homework Help: A little help

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    a little help plzzz


    i'd like just some confirmation on my answers and thanks alot.the link is the question.

    well calling AB=T1, BC=T2 and BD=T3
    recommend splitting vectors into components and equating them...

    Vertical Component of T1 = T1*sin60 = weight of mass = 40*9.8=392N therefore T1 = 452.6N

    now T2 = horizontal components of T1 & T3 = (T3*4/5)+(T1*Cos60)
    now Vert. comp. T3 = T3*3/5 = Vert. comp. T1 = weight of mass =392N (from first line)
    therefore T3=653.3N

    now substitute T3 = 635.3N and T1 = 452.6N into the equation for T2 above and you find T2=748
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    Re: a little help plzzz

    Would Really appreciate the small help as am lost right now in this question,and would be so grateful.
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    Re: a little help plzzz

    Your answers look good.
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