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A Little Optics Experiment

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    So I bought a 3 dollar diffraction grating and was playing around with it. Here's a few pictures I took just holding it up in front of my cell phone camera. Notice the bright lines in the spectrum that correspond to specific atomic transitions in the streetlight. The spectrum is dominated by Yellow-Red light and very little Blue, which of course is why the light is yellowish.

    The 1st picture is the 0 and 1st order fringes (0 order is just the regular image, no fringes). The 2nd picture is the 1st and 2nd order fringes. The third is identical to the 1st image, but I held up a light pollution filter in front of the grating and camera. Notice the near complete removal of the yellow portion of the spectrum, which should correspond to the light emitted by Sodium in the streetlight. (The light pollution filter is designed to block this specific part of the spectrum to cut down on light pollution when viewing/imaging near or inside of cities)

    Also, made a little video with an Oxygen-III filter held in front of it. As I tilted the filter the wavelengths that were passed shifted. Go full screen and high quality to get the best view.

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