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A little question

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    hi! what is the name of vehicle which based on the 0.rule of Thermodynamics???

    thanks.. :smile:
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    I'll assume you know the zeroth law of thermodynamics before I continue. Ok, let's continue...

    A PMM of the zeroth kind is based on the premise that reservoirs A and B are at the same temperature, reservoirs B and C are at the same temperature, but A and C are not. Reservoir B is removed, leaving A and C capable of being hot and cold reservoirs respectively, between which a heat engine can operate. Eventually, A and C will come to the same temperature, at which point B is reintroduced, and this temperature difference allows the machine to continue running.

    An example of a PMM of the zeroth kind might be MC Escher's perpetual waterwheel. Naturally, such machines violate the zeroth law and do not work.
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