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A little story to tell.

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    Humans like to categorise. I am a human (according to biology...) so i will make a category: Everything. lets call it STUFF.

    Stuff is everywhere. Stuff penetrates to the heart of all matter. Stuff is energy. Stuff acts on other stuff which in turn affects more stuff. Stuff evolves and metamorphoses to the point of most effiency. etc. etc. ad infinitum.

    Now lets imagine something that does not exist. Hmmm... say an everpresent urge to plaster our face against The Brick Wall Of Pleasure... well maybe thats a little far fetched but it will do....

    Now say this urge was everywhere and everyone had it. All the Stuff had it. All organisms had it, But the problem was that only a few of them had accomplished the task because The Brick Wall Of Pleasure was constructed in the mind, and was not observable. This urge is there in all of us, but only some throughout history stumbled upon it in their minds by chance. the rest of us played the game of life thinking it was a game. Thinking it was a competition, or a survival of the fittest, when really it was an urge to plaster our faces into The Brick Wall Of Pleasure.

    The goal of one of those who identified the urge as Nothing would logically be to tell the rest of them Their findings. So they did, but unfortunately they could not prove anything to anyone, because it was all in their head. The urge was Not Stuff. The urge was Nothing, yet it acted like it was Stuff.

    Or maybe it was the only Something, and all the Stuff was Nothing, simply an illusion.
    Maybe, just maybe, once upon a time they both existed but Nothing was forgotten and underdeveloped, while Stuff became the reason for existence, with the unidentified Urge continuing to cause chaos.

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    ......it was after the bell had gone.

    "Hmmm thats all very well there laddy:grumpy:, but what the hecks it got to do with Metaphysics!", said one to another, as wispers dispersed throughout the room and a giggle errupted in the corner.

    Meanwhile, still invisible to the Teacher, Little Tommy Tricks and Billy Brain had manifested a model scale X-Ray Spectral Interpretor and had hooked it up to a Pocket Projector(TM) underneath the lab desk, and were planning to project a full scale anatomy of Dr. Strength live to their peers. :yuck:

    "Keep'm guess'n":cool: , the third Weird-Rude-Boy said back to the teacher in front of the class. He had worked it out, but didn't know how to put it to words.
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