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A logical question

  1. Aug 17, 2008 #1
    five chairs are arranged in such a way that
    the distance between each two chairs is equal.
    archi(A),teri(T),mikel(M),neitan(N) and john(J)
    got sitted on this chair.
    A#. T is estranged from J and M equally.
    B#. N and A are on the same side from T.

    which of the following arguments are necessarily true ?
    1.A sits close to N
    2.M sits close to N
    3.A and M sits close to N
    4.J and A sits close to N

    when i tried to solve it i encountered a problem with this data
    from argument A# i get that T is in the center
    and that J and M are on the same distance from the center

    which lives me only one free space on each side
    but in argument B# we have two other people from one side.
    which crosses with argument A#

    where is my mistake?
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    From A, is it possible T is in seat #2, with J & M in #1 & #3?

    I.e.: J,T,M,-,- or M,T,J,-,-

    And similarly, T could be in seat #4?
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    aaahh thanks
    then its argument 1
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