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A loving God

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    We do not choose to be born, nor do we choose our parents,
    loving or cruel as they may be. We don't choose our race or
    country of origin, nor the precepts which influence our
    thoughts and our actions through life. If we are born to a
    Muslim family, we will likely believe in the Koran, and if
    to Christians, the bible. We have no choice in the gifts we
    receive at birth, nor in the state of our health, born as
    some are with Hiv Aids, others without any defects at all.

    Somehow it seems that there must be a guiding power,
    determining all that we do and all that our ancestors did
    before. Logically only someone with love would wish to
    create. Maybe that Someone will show us His love in the
    fullness of time and bring peace and love to our turbulent

    Would it be logical for a loving god to impose pain and
    suffering for the next 5 billion years, which I understand
    scientists say is the projected life of our sun?
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    Sorry, no post of religious nature are allowed.
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