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A man takes a bottle with a white liquid in it brain teaser

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    A man takes a bottle with a white liquid in it.
    He puts a little bit of it on his forearm. He does it every day.

    What does he do?
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    See answer---->He applies liquid Vanilla Body soap to himself.
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    No, he's doing something different.
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    he is the father of a baby, which needs a bottle of warm "formula" milk
    his wife wants to sleep, so he must get out of bed to feed the baby
    he heats the bottle of "formula" and then he shakes
    a drop onto his wrist to test is it the right temperature
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    Yeah, very good Marcus! :smile:
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    Oh haha, i guess that might come in handy for me in a few years. i really have no experience with baby formula yet. i assume both marcus and edgardo do tho.
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