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A man weighing 80 kg is standing on a trolley weighing 400 kg

  1. Jul 13, 2003 #1
    Hi all!!!!!!

    can somebody help me out in solving following 2 questions:

    1. A man weighing 80 kg is standing on a trolley weighing 400 kg.The trolly is resting on a frictionless horizontal rail .If the man starts walking on the trolley along the rail at a speed of 1 m/s with respect to the trolley ,find his displacement relative to the ground after 4 sec.

    2. for steel surface the coefficient of friction is 0.8 and between teflon surfaces 0.04. A steel block of mass 2 kg kept on a steel surface has a limiting frictional force f. What should be the mass of a teflon block kept on a teflon surface to have the limiting frictional force same as f . Take g =10 m/s.

    Thanking in anticipation
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    Hi hims100,
    I believe that you get no replies because everybody thinks this belongs in Homework Help, so maybe you try re-posting it there...:wink:

    ...AND tell us what you got so far and where you're stuck.
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