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a 'metaphysical' "TOE"....

hi there,this is only a small portion of my ideas as i dont have enough time to write all of them down, so...

I read that Stephen Hawking has just released a new book detailing his own version of his TOE. Everyone who studies metaphysics,cosmology and even astronomy will have their own view on how the world works but i wonder what stephen has to say.

I obviously have my own idea which isnt to difficult to understand. I believe that everything is all made out of the same bio-chemical make-up. so this computer im writing on is metaphysically the same as me aswell as the information coming off the screen (in electrons)and even the chips which make it function. I also dont think we percieve the 'real' world as it were. We only understand what we can see and cannot look at ourselves from outside our box.

Imagine if you were stuck in your house your whole life and you understood what went on around you locally but to understand it as a whole, you would have to go outside your house and see it from an outside view. This is just Anthropometrics (which is looking at something from someone/something elses point of view) but this can be realative to any other study. so we cant really understand what happens in a world where time,space and conscience isnt realative.

So from there i go on to time and space itself. We can only theorize what might be outside our field of understanding. i belive that theres around a dozen dimensions.I think that in another dimension from us. other than cells,molecules and the magnetic field, i think the furthest dimension is everything and nothing at the same time.

As there is no space in this dimension, a distant quasar and the tip of our finger are connected at the smallest scale and point in space/time that the distance from A to B is always Zero (which obviously isnt possible in our dimension) and this is basically my Theory.

Even though ive just lobbied my TOE into a simple explanation. My theory goes far deeper than can possibly be communicated to the outside world (that being you -> ) so verbalisation of a TOE is inexplicably difficult. I must ALWAYS remember though that in the truth of existance, I can never truly say that mine or anyone elses theory is correct (or at least until we get out our box) which i think any person should remember...

Well i hope that some of you out there get in touch and try to put your own 'Theories of Everything' into context in this thread as i enjoy in engaging conflicting beliefs (interaction is what makes us truly Conscience)

And to think,ive never benn to college or Uni to get tought all this as it were, i just read books in my own house and have no-one to say this is right and this is wrong. so can either be a bad thing or a good thing depending on how you structure your learning.

Well i hope to read some interesting replies....

p.s and please dont just post your theories on how wrong i am as ive heard them all


Does no-one have their own 'Theory of everything" to talk about???
interesting theory, hmm
i'll try and think one up of my own
hmm i'll have to wake my brain up
sorry kaspah_2k my brains not up to it[b(]

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