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A microwave oven produces electromagnetic radiation

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    I need help with the following questions.

    1.A microwave oven produces electromagnetic radiation at lambda = 12.3cm and produces a power of 764W. Calculate the number of microwave photons produced by the microwave oven each second.

    2.Compton used photons of wavelength 71.3 pm. (a) What is the energy of these photons? (b) What is the wavelength of the photon scattered at theta = 130o? (c) What is the energy of the photon scattered at this angle?
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    Tom Mattson

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    Re: photons

    OK, but Forum policy requires you to show how you started and where you got stuck. Since you haven't done that yet, I will answer your question in general terms.

    From the power of the oven, you can determine the EM energy produced per unit time. From the wavelength of the radiation, you can determine the energy of each photon. From that, you can determine the number of photons produced per second.

    Part (a) should be a piece of cake. Part (b) uses the Compton shift formula, which should be in your book. Part (c) is done just like part (a).
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