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A midterm problem

  1. Mar 22, 2009 #1
    Now this particular midterm is not with physics but since I am in the physics program, I thought I could post it.

    All right on the Friday that just passed (March 20th) I was writing a philosophy midterm when I got up to go use the washroom, I did not ask for prior approval, which in hindsight I should have. However, in the past, I have had TA's in different classes tell me I do not have to ask to go to the washroom and it was not mentioned at the beginning of the midterm that students are not allowed to leave.

    I come back from the washroom and as soon as I sit down the professor asked me where I went, I tell him I went to the washroom he says, and “you’re supposed to ask first, I’m going to have to ask for your midterm.” After I hand it in I go up to him and I tell him I was close to finishing the midterm to at least convey that I wasn't trying to cheat my way out of this (I could have done a better job of this though). I ask if it is possible to re-write the midterm but his reply is just a flat no. No attempt at all to explain his decision process.

    after this I wrote him an email detailing how I take his course very seriously, have not missed any of his classes and I did well on the last midterm (77%) and it would be very unfortunate if this one act of miscommunication on my behalf ruined a semesters worth of work. I asked if it were possible to re-write the midterm or at least have the weight transferred to the final exam.

    Well I still have no reply from him yet and email for the time being is the only way to contact him because the only day he has office hours he cancelled this week for personal reasons. My big problem of course is that it would be impossible to re-write the midterm after April 1st (school policy) and I do not believe he will be willing to transfer the weight of the midterm to the final exam.

    I'm planning on Monday to go to my faculty's office and ask for advice on how to handle the situation but failing that, My question for you guys is where can I go from and do I have any recourse for this or am I just stuck in this mess.
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  3. Mar 22, 2009 #2
    Well I don't have any personal experience with this, but I would think you're pretty boned. While the situation sucks, it's going to be hard to convince anyone(i.e. the department head, etc.) that the professor was in the wrong, and if he's not willing to work with you I think you're pretty much done. I feel for you.
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