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I A mind experiment

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    Now I was just reading about the 'double slit' experiment. So photons or electrons, atoms or other sub-atomic particles pasting through a double slit exhibit superposition. Ok got that, I hope, now if there are two double silts behind the first then four behind those two second ones and so on. Would there still be only a single photon, I think there would, but would the light be magnified?
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    One photon would be detected at the screen for each photon emitted.
    If you emit eight photons, you'll get eight hits.
    Where they hit will, as always, depend on how the slits are positioned and whether you're currently detecting them (at the slits) or not.

    The slits don't affect the number of photons, it affects how (where) the photons show up on the screen.
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    Of course.

    And light would not be magnified.

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