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A modern object described in ancient texts: Evidence of Time Travel

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    The Book with Seven Seals. What type of book was it ?

    This is an investigation using the methods explained by Ronald Pegg that show ancient texts describe modern objects.

    Revelations 5:5 "…behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof"

    In the Greek section of Strong's Concordance : Greek word # 975 "book" means a roll.
    English word 'roll' comes from Latin 'rota' meaning wheel.

    This identifies exactly what type of ancient book was being described - a wheel - and not a scroll or a sheet of papyrus.

    In the religious account relating to Revelations 5:5 we are told that a Lion opens this book. But although the Old English translators have made it appear to be this way, they have not used the original word meanings or contexts of some prepositions in the text and have misrepresented the original message being related by John.
    Checking the Greek section of Strong's Concordance we find:
    Word#..Old Eng..meaning
    2400..Behold..Behold [as in look]
    3023..the Lion..the Lion,
    5607..of..being [don't forget its associated preposition: G-1537]
    1537.. .. a primary preposition denoting origin (the point whence action or motion proceeds) - out of
    5443..tribe..an offshoot
    2455..Juda..(from Hebrew word-3063: celebrated**; from H-3034: to use the hand)
    4491..Root..root (as in the place where offshoots sprout, or where something begins)
    1138..David..(from H-1732: loving; but from H-1730: to boil: unused root)*

    *The Old English meanings of the Hebrew words "Juda" and "David" do not reflect their etymology. For some reason the translators have ignored the context and original meanings of the words from which they were derived.

    **Celebrate = to perform a ritual, but the word translated as 'Juda' should also associate the context of using the hand.

    The transliteration of the three Hebrew letters that form the word David are"DVD". The vowels have only been added to the Hebrew letters to make it pronouncable easily in English - but this has removed the original meaning, being the abbreviation of digital video disk - a more modern name for a compact disk that contains video presentations (called a CD-Rom by Ronald Pegg).

    The original message that John was trying to report in Revelations 5:5 was
    Behold the lion being out of an offshoot. To use the hand (in the sense of a ritual). The root of the DVD has prevailed to open the wheel, and to loose the seven seals thereof.
    The biblical concept of the "Tree of Knowledge" refers to the Directory Tree of the Windows 3.1 File Manager.
    An offshoot (from this tree) = one of the files seen in the window.

    The root of the DVD = the root directory of the compact disk.
    "Juda" meaning 'to use the hand (in the sense of a ritual)' = using the hand-mouse to click on the file (offshoot) from the root (directory) of the DVD [as seen from the computer's Tree of Knowledge].

    The "seven seals" of the "wheel" = the 7 icons from the Map Page of the circular Ancients digital disk.
    Behold the lion being out of an offshoot = Behold the Lion icon (as seen from this disk), being out of one of the files [from the root directory of the DVD that was clicked upon by ritually using the hand].

    This specific offshoot "root file" is documented in Revelations 7:4 "And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel" = a file with 144,000 bytes of data = the mediterr.exe programme file.

    As seen on the computer's screen and associated with the mediterr.exe file is the data 143,442 which means this file takes up 143,442 bytes of disk space. Rounded up to the next thousand derives 144,000.

    This confirms that John viewed a CD-Rom / dvd that had seven Heading icons (seals).
    One of the headings is of a LION.
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    In the Greek section of Strong's Concordance : Greek word # 975 "book" means a roll.
    English word 'roll' comes from Latin 'rota' meaning wheel.

    Oh for heaven's sake. This is the worst stretch of non logic I've seen in a while. A roll is a roll, a wheel is a wheel, and etymology is not evidence of current meaning. And trying to figure out the Greek text via a concordance is pretty weak too.
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    You have to admit though, it provides a good laugh.
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    I hope he doesn't believe that
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    We need a smiley that behaves like a tumbleweed...
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    about on par with some people's interpretations of nostrdamus
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    That's nothing. The Lion is an obvious reference to MGM studios. Sony is currently attempting to buy MGM. Therefore, the DVD was an MGM production viewed by John on a battery powered Sony TV with a built in DVD player sent back in time by a Sony marketing executive from the year 2005 or thereabouts.
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    That was hilarious. Had me going there for a while :rofl:
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