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A most admirable scientist whom you've met

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    Please relate of a great scientist whom you've met and admired.

    He who comes to my mind is Harold Edgerton, the inventor of the strobe light and high-speed photography.

    My father took me to MIT, one of my prospective schools to interview in 1977. He introduced me to Dr. Edgerton, who kindly took the time to show us the laboratory which he loved. The classic picture of an apple being cored by a bullet. The optical illusion of water returning uphill to its faucet. A coronet of milk drops.

    I have met a few renowned scientists - some private, some evil, some gentle, some harsh, some hospitable, some deceptive, and all human.

    But most kind was Dr. Edgerton, who led us on a tour of his miraculous lab. He instilled within us the curiosity of a natural philosopher. The magic he made inspired many, layman and scientist alike. His work varied from filming atomic blasts to the flap of a hummingbird's wings. With his passing, one more great and modest scientist met eternity in a flash.
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    I almost talked to Frank Wilczek once.
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