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A motorcycle ride through the Chernobyl area

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    Ivan Seeking

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    "It is so peaceful out here. I can ride for hours and not see another soul. Not have to worry about hitting a dog or getting bugs in my teeth. True, there are the brain eating mutants, but they don't seem interested in me. After my ride I like to have drinks at the Jim Jones Tavern and then lunch at the "Mushroom/Toadstool What's the difference? Cafe"
    Funniest thing about all this is the fact that her biggest worry about being found contaminated is that the chemical shower she is given "eats her bike."
    Second funniest thing is that while riding through the earths most contaminated stretch of land she wears a helmet. For safety reasons?
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    It's funny to see the classic American octagonal red STOP sign there in Russia! Some of the other signs had English on them too.
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