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A mundane query

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    I recently made a post and was not emailed when responses were made. Is it me or is this service no longer available ? I should add this was my first post for some weeks and I did receive a friendly newsletter during my 'absence', thank you.
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    How long ago did you receive the newsletter? I would have been under the impression that you'd have either gotten neither or both based on our current problems with emails. The service is still available, but there are ongoing problems with our emails getting gobbled up somewhere.
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    I've just been notified of your reply, and another one - so it is working again. The newsletter was about 3 weeks ago. I think I pushed the panic button too quickly, perhaps I was visiting the forum when the reply was being posted so it might have looked as if I was there already. Anyhow, thanks for listening, it seems fine for me now.
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