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A naked singularity lies within the Sea of Dirac

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    Hello all! I come in peace... sort of. :biggrin:

    As i was watching the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, where one of the alien characters had the ability to capture its opponents in a Sea of Dirac, which was claimed to stretch over 800 meters in diameter, but had a thickness of only 3 nanometers, an idea sprung in my head.

    What would happen if a Sea of Dirac was actually a naked singularity, or held one, if that was even conceptually possible? If such an object was found to exist, or the possibility of its existence was established by new mathematical insights, what would be the ramifications in astrophysics be?

    The official word on the reference to the Dirac Sea in the Anime is as follows:

    I am greatly interested in your comments, denials, clarifications, explanations, or even the horse laugh.
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    My apologies on demonstrating newbie behavior by posting in the incorrect forum. :rolleyes:
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    *bump* The question couldn't have offended anyone's finer sentiments. What gives? :confused: Is there a secret handshake I'm supposed to know or some arcane mathematical formula i forgot to add? :tongue:
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    Fons Wils
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    As far as I am aware the "sea of Dirac" was a concept that Dirac came up with to explain the existence of antiparticles - which he predicted from relativistic quantum theory.

    Dirac noted that the equations (originally formulated for free electrons) permitted negative energy solutions, but if negative energy states were available then surely the electron should "runaway" to these increasingly negative states - radiating off an infinite amount of energy in the process.

    To save his theory Dirac proposed that the negative energy states were already filled by an infinite "sea" of electrons. Because this sea is always there, and perfectly uniform, it exerts no net force and we are not aware of it. The Pauli principle doesn't allow any 2 electrons to occupy the same state which explains why the electrons we do observe are confined to positive energy states.

    If you supply enough energy to an electron in a negative energy state it will jump into a higher, positive, energy state leaving a "hole" in the electron sea which has all the properties of the electron (like same mass) but opposite charge.

    People weren't too happy to accept the idea of a sea of electrons, and this idea has been surpassed by Feynman and others. The modern theory treats the negative solutions as positive energy antiparticles.

    This might be what you're looking for, might not, but there are no singularities in the theory (it's not even used anymore) and the sea of Dirac would be a lot bigger than they say it is.

    Maybe...just maybe - they made it up?
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    Thank you but i fail to find anything in the link that refers to both Dirac and the naked singularity. One section dismisses the big bang-as-singularity notion, thanks to quantum mechanics. The reference to Dirac is largely incidental.

    I already understand the basics. This proposal was offered in order to get a theorist' perspective... :smile:
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    Thanks, Darkbob! :smile:
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