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A new algorithm?

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    hello grp.... :smile:

    is there any algorithm of findin the total area of an intersecting plane. i have tried with set theory if a n b r two planes,
    area(a)+Area(b)-Area(a intersection b)

    but it takes such a long computation when u go on adding planes to the existing ones. I want to have something which cud b easily programmable....without takin much longer 4 computations(by the processor)...

    So is there any new method.....

    thnx in advance
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    Perhaps it would help if you were clearer on what you are saying. You surely don't mean "planes". You appear to mean "two or more sets in a single plane". What information about the sets are you given?
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    sorry 4 not makin it clear...i wanna calculate the volume in principle of two intersecting cubes and mainly the volume of two intersecting regions which may have its intersection point anywhere.....jus like stemnitz solid r an intersecting cylinder..hope that makes it clear...but its not result of jus two intersecting cubes but a lot more cud b added r deleted and it may jus be anywhere...

    for simulation purpose i used area calculation for planes to get 2 the above...
    I dun wanna apply set theory at all .....
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