A New Concept of what Gravity really is?

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A New Perspective of what Gravity really is?

A New Perspective of what Gravity really is?

We all know how Einstein showed us that flat space is warped when matter is present, and that the more matter there is, the more warped space becomes, this showed us that the further you are into the curved space the slower time ran but this still didn’t explain gravity. It made us look at gravity in a new light compared to Newton’s perspective but still gave us no concrete explanation why apparently matter was attracted to matter. My theory doesn’t involve the idea that matter is attracted to each other rather it is all attracted to one single place. A place where space is stretched to singularity, zero time, the speed of light. as you have probably guessed I’m talking about a black hole. A Black hole being a porthole in space where matter is turned into pure energy having probably the exact same properties as the energy injected in the big bang, and then expelling it into the unknown. Like the plughole in your bath although we do know where the water goes to. This made me think, people think of black holes to be enormous tears in space of huge sizes although we experience the same properties of a black hole on earth. Gravity. So Imagine like the plughole in your bath, the water does not instantaneously all drain away, the water shall we say dams up. where the fastest and hottest part of water being the moment it is drawn through the plughole (zero time, singularity). This means that gravity is experienced if one is being drawn towards a black hole, not matter. It just so happens matter is also being drawn to a black hole where if the matter overwhelms the size of the black hole then a spherical body is formed. A black hole also spirals towards singularity, just like the water spinning down your plughole. What I am getting at is that every heavenly spherical body that is seen in the night sky is produced by matter being drawn into a black hole, at different distances from the centre there are different reactions going on between particles where the most purest of energy is created at singularity although this energy is sucked into the unknown but the product of the purest energy created that is expelled back into the universe is light at or just above the event horizon. In other words the hole is tiny enough yet strong enough to support a spherical body of matter around it self, the matter dams up like the water in the bath yet in 3D (sphere), as it dams up the particles nearest the centre are being torn to shreds into smaller particles for the space that the matter has fallen into is so warped it splits particles releasing energy i.e. the core of the sun, the core of the earth. this has other implications involving time. If you were to be able to travel to the centre of a black hole you would experience the same rate of time as if u were travelling at the speed of light. Therefore the idea that living on a tall building at the equator will prolong your life slightly because your travelling faster might be wrong, in fact if u wanted to prolong your life you would need to get as close to zero time as possible, space that is even more warped, the warping of space does not depend on the amount matter present yet the strength of the black hole, matter is just sucked towards it and dams up to give rise to stars (large black holes) or planets (small black holes) or entire galaxies. Imagine a whirlpool(galaxy) with lots of smaller whirlpools rotating around it(stars) with even more smaller whirlpools spiralling and them(planets) the Questions is now is there a huge black hole at the centre of the universe or would that be too simplistic. Personally I don’t think there is, but that’s another story, I don’t know if this idea has already been proposed so if it has already been dismissed please let me know, obviously if you can see any major flaws that will conflict with experimental data, please let me know, thx and of course i await critisism.

Chris Hatchard 14/05/05
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As much as I hate to stomp on someone's creativity, this is just so wrong on so many levels that it's hard to know where to start. This really belongs in the 'Theory Development' forum if anywhere.
Can you use paragraphs? Trying to read all that speculation and fantasy as one continuous thought is pretty disturbing.

I guess the million dollar question is how do black holes get formed in the first place in your theory? Science tells us that a star with enough mass will turn into a black hole when it burns enough of it's fuel and succumbs to the pressure. But in your theory it takes a black hole to make the star in the first place. And we are to assume that every spherical body in space is really a black hole gobbling up matter?

If what you are suggesting is true then why isn't the earth getting smaller as it gets sucked into the black hole. Why is there no evidence of any of our planets getting considerably smaller?

Your ideas of time dilation seem quite off also. Someone at a higher altitude would seem to experience time faster that someone at the surface. Also your idea that you can prolong your life by experiencing time dilation is misformed. Time will always move at the same rate for you.


I recommend you read a few books before you start tackling such issues as these. As the Dali Lama said: "Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly."
first of all u need to clear the concept of gravity. Its just a force as other electrostatic and magnetic ones and u cannot correlate it with black hole! do u know how exactly a blackhole is formed? when the mass of a star is greater than 5 solar masses ,the star ends as a black hole and its not a huge body but much yes to much smaller as compared to the rest of the bodies in the universe. its high density gives rise to the strongest attractive force[ excluding nuclear forces at present] from which even light cant escape.so its a FORCE and nothing else.blackhole's synonym can never be gravity...its ridiculous!!
hey did my words hurt u?? if so then sorry!! i just gave an argument..and in an argument one can go to any extent so take it normally, i am used to it so couldnt understand that it will offend u :smile: ...if you are working on something new then go ahead!! o:) All The Best...I shall be one of the happiest to hear something new even if its from someone unknown :smile:
Gza said:
I recommend you read a few books before you start tackling such issues as these. As the Dali Lama said: "Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly."
Its the "Dalai Lama".

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