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A new Deal

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    i have a theory which penetrates into nature even more deeply that relativity. after newton's gravity and einstein's relativity ,i believe , it shall change science. but, i dont know how to show it to the world. please help me.
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    You should write a paper and submit it to a peer reviewed journal. If you can't write a paper about it, then go back to school and develop the skills necessary to do so.
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    You'll have to excuse my skepticism, but do you know anything about what Newton's and Einstein's theories actually say and do? Heck, most people making such claims don't even know how science works, much less understand how any particular theory works. And your opening sentence, there, has a lot of words, but doesn't look like it really says anything.

    So I'd say you should start by going to school and getting a good high-level science education. In 8-12 years, if you still think you are on to something, write and submit a paper to the appropriate journal.
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    What is your theory that will "change science"?
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