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A new epistemology of Relativity

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    I have a new theory of relativity, that has been very successfull since now. where can I send it to be reviewed???

    my best reggards.
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    If this is a physical theory, you can submit to any number of physics journals. If it's an epistemological theory, then I suppose you can post it here for commentary if you don't feel confident with philosophy journals. Note, however, that if your theory is a theory of physics, submitting it here would be a violation of forum policy. We try not to discuss speculative scientific ideas until after they have been peer reviewed. We don't provide the peer review.
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    Net theories

    Do u know experts that could evaluate a physics theory?
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    Preferably, someone developing a theory of physics would be an expert in physics. You should at least colloborate with a physicist if you're going to be developing physical theories. I believe you're free to use these forums to ask any questions you have, so if you want to know whether or not any specific aspect of your theory makes sense given what physicists already know, I'm sure you can do that at least.
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