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A new family of just revealed turbomachines?

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    I would greatly appreciate any comments/criticisms the physics cognoscenti on this forum might be able to offer on this new family of turbo devices proposed by the inventor. If what is claimed here is correct, this might be a truly unique and promising application of turbine technology that will affect many disciplines and help solve many of our energy problems.

    The intro below is a first draft. Do take a moment to check out the full analysis of XpoTurbines available clicking the link. Many graphs and pictures, plus a detailed description of how the XT works. Looks very feasible to me, but my knowledge of thermodynamics is quite limited so I’m hoping to attain some informed feedback here.


    Having created several working prototypes and filed my patent, I’m now introducing a new family of turbomachines with a wide range of applicability. It includes electricity production, shaft work, thrust generation, and cooling. This technology provides new directions in flow organization, thermal management, materials, and processes. As a family, XpoTurbines offer reduced cost, reduced mass, reduced volume, reduced noise, and reduced pollution. In addition, they provide increased reliability, durability, fuel flexibility, dynamic range, and power density. The family characteristics include statorless construction, integrated heat exchangers, controlled porosity passages, helicotoroidal blading, and the use of rotating turbomachine enclosures as compact heat exchangers and “fans”.

    Although XpoTurbine technology can be used to manufacture turbomachines with a wide range of sizes, small turbomachines are especially attractive as they have the potential for greatly increased power/mass and power/cost. Additional benefits of reduced scale include reliability via parallelism, throttlability via modularity, and the ability to provide power closer to the point of use, which reduces grid costs and losses and increases the potential to use the waste heat from the engine for combined heat and power.

    XpoTurbine technologies are outlined in an attached PDF available on the web at http://www.thermodynamic.biz [Broken]
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