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A new forum suggestion

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    How about a new sub-forum under one of the physics forums for fluid mechanics? I don't see where it fit under one of the existing forums. Or is there just not a lot of interest in the subject?
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    Well most important Fluid Mechanics Question (not homework related) are posted on Classical Physics or Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Yep, fluid mechanics is most definitely a subset of classical mechanics. Either Classical Physics or Mech/Aero Eng would be a good place for it.
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    Probably Mech/Aero Eng since Fluid Mechanics is more or less applied physics specifically with respect to fluids, and Aero is appropriate for transonic and hypersonic fluid mechanics, and shock waves.

    Probably should be Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics, which would also involve Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which is an exceedingly important area of engineering these days.
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    We should have a new forum subfourm under announcements since there's allot of suggestions for new forums
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