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A new kind of ad?

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    A while back I was on PF from a public computer. I didn't want to sign in on that machine, so I was browsing as a "guest".

    I noticed something odd. In one of Evo's posts (I can't find it now), the letters "dell" were in a word, and they were linked to dell dot com. I thought, hmm that's odd.

    Today I noticed the same thing, but with "apple".

    So I did a test. I made a post with "dell" and "apple" in words and alone. When I'm signed in it looks just like I intended.

    But when I sign out and look at it, "dell" and "apple" are links. I didn't put the links there.

    Here's my test post. Does anyone else see links when they view it as a guest?

    https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=3922650&postcount=15463 [Broken]

    Is it a problem, or a new kind of ad?
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    Lisab is spamming :eek: BAN HER!!!

    I see the links when I'm logged out, but not when I'm logged in.
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    Yes that's when I see them, too, when I'm logged out. Seems weird to me!
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    All our posts are considered as "google ad". :confused:
    The linking happens when "showpost" file is generated for guest user.

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    I like Serena

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    I get it too when I grapple with your modeller.
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